Scania job express

Interviews for master thesis

During weeks 10-13, Vishal Baid and Irén Seres, a student at KTH, visit Scania Job Express to perform short interviews with travelers. They are currently carrying out their thesis in Human Resources, Service Management, and analyzes and investigates travel patterns. The aim is to seöver ways of streamlining passenger transport Scania. The interviews will be held in English and will be about travel habits and experiences of using Scania job express.

With the new schedule we introduced a direct line from Stockholm to Södertälje CK2. And that SJE now again serving the upper roundabout at Scania STC. In addition to these changes, a number of minor adjustments to the schedule implemented to get traffic to work better for travelers.

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As a complement to commute by train or car, Scania offers its employees a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly travel by bus from Stockholm to Scania's Headquarters in Södertälje.

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