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From 1;st of August Red Buses will run their "Hop On Hop Off" buses from the Cityterminal at Gate A. You can buy tickets at the gate, the airportshuttle service station or online. For departures and more info read more here

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Cityterminalen serves as a hub for the bus transportation system in Sweden. Buses to practically every large city and hundreds of smaller towns operate from here on a regular basis. The central location and easy access to connecting transport makes the terminal unique. Cityterminalen is a natural point of departure for your trip, regardless of whether you are going to Malmö or Haparanda.

Departing 2014-12-22

Time Destination Gate Bus operator
  05:15 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  
  05:30 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  
  05:30 Skavsta Airport 5 Flygbussarna  
  05:30 Bromma Airport 4 Flygbussarna  
  05:40 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  
  05:50 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  
  06:00 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  
  06:00 Bromma Airport 4 Flygbussarna  
  06:00 Scania CK 2 9 Scania Job Express  
  06:10 Arlanda Airport 3 Flygbussarna  

Arriving 2014-12-22

Time Arriving from Gate Bus operator
  05:45 Umeå 0 Ybuss  
  06:20 Göteborg 0 Swebus AB  
  06:20 Uppsala 0 Swebus AB  
  06:30 Oslo 0 Bus4you  
  06:30 Bukarest 0 Comati  
  06:40 Oslo 0 Swebus AB  
  07:00 Hemavan 0 Lapplandspilen  
  07:20 Uppsala 0 Swebus AB  
  08:00 Uppsala 0 Swebus AB  
  08:30 Haparanda 0 Tapanis Trafik  

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Cityterminalen is located in the Stockholm city center and is the largest bus station in the city.
Every day about 800 buses use Cityterminalen as their point of arrival and departure. From here, you can travel to all of Sweden as well as to a large part of Europe. 
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Map of Cityterminalen

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